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Monetizing Twitter

How can companies monetize Twitters?

What is not to say that monetizing twitter messages is not that tricky:

“buy <insert great product here> NOW – <link>”

People need to come back to the 4Ps of marketing and maybe people will make some $$$ (or £££ if you’re a Brit)…

[Product] Create a product or service that is clear and easy to comprehend so the potential buyers will have no problems in understanding what you or your your company is offering. This is by far the most important thing to do before you even consider marketing something. If you are offering a product or service to impending clients and the client cannot fully understand what your product or service is and does, they will move on (quickly) and their opinion of you is affected.

[Price] Create a price that is reasonable and competitive with your other companies in your market. You should do some research on these companies and find out the average prices of your type of product or service and in turn create a price that is lower than the average if it is possible in your budget and profit margin. The public will notice a product or service substantially quicker if the price is in their budget and with the growing economy, the public will appreciate a low cost product or service.

[Place] Choose a location that will best suit your company in reaching your prospective market – in this case Twitter. You must choose a location to promote that will reach your future client base. This holds true for new products more than existing companies and products because if people do not know your product exists then how will they know they need it and buy it. In this instance the 1st place they may see the offer is on Twitter, the 2nd place will be on you web-site.

[Promotion] You must always remember that communication with your consumer base is by far the most important aspect in marketing a new product or service. If you can make your client feel safe and feel as though they are making the right choice in choosing your product, you are one step ahead of your competition. Safety with their money is a large part in the decision the potential clients make when choosing a product or service that they are in need of, and if you can make sure they feel safe, you will be 1 huge step closer in closing the deal. Safety is key, and will always be the most important aspect in marketing a new product or service. The 1-line Twitter phrase needs to be punchy with clear vocabulary and a link to the offer is just the start. Build momentum and anticipation through a communication

  • “I am soooo excited”
  • “It’s nearly here!”
  • “I couldn’t sleep with excitement about what is coming tomorrow”
  • “I’ve just seen <insert great product here> – <link>”
  • “You have to get one of these – <insert great product here> – <link>”
  • “Buy <insert great product here> NOW – <link>”
  • etc.


There is something missing in this equation…

[People] People to Twitter and people to read the tweet. Companies cannot be unethical or dishonest. They must play it straight down the line. If they provide messages and build excitement they must do it with a sense of honesty and emotion. Companies must build equity in their customer base and, in turn, the customers will start to build equity in them.

Starbucks does a great job at this: follow ->

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