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Twitter – You’re having a laugh!

Thanks to the ever informative Mashable, we now have a list if top comedians to follow on Twitter:

My particular favourites are:

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MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU …“, posted with vodpod

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Twitter up your life – part 1

So the continuing saga of wondering how all these social networks will monetize their services continues…

“Twitter will launch a range of tools later this year aimed at helping both big brands and small businesses use the microblogging service”

This is pretty intersting stuff. Good consumer communication is 2-way and twitter provides a great platform to feel vindicated by posting bad service and equally thankful that someone from the company is listening.

Comcast uses twitter to monitor customer gripes:

  • has taken this to the next level:

“Comcast will soon be joined on Twitter by thousands of other companies., the Web-based customer relationship management service that says it has more than a million subscribers, has legitimized the tweet as a cry for help by incorporating Twitter into its system. Now, when customers gripe on Twitter, Salesforce can automatically log a support request, and then post a human response back onto Twitter.”

This does seem like a logical step and if Apple do buy twitter, as discussed here, then we are in for some interesting times. Imagine twitter being in all apps and you opting in for progress reports in real-time thus automating your life story…

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Apple to take over gaming?

In my post from 5th May, ‘Apple to take over Electronic Arts’, I highlighted the hiring of key gaming industry folks by Apple and postulated that ‘..maybe we will see Apple move towards the model of iPhone + browser-based cloud gaming like OnLive.’

Well, it looks like Yves Guillemot, CEO and President of Ubisoft, is also talking about this in an article on Kotaku:

There’s also a new entrant in the business,” he said, after riffing off the looming gaming potential of set-top boxes. “[That entrant is] Apple, with the iPhone. And we don’t think they will stop there.”

Read more here:

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Facebook food for thought – No. 4

Facebook has sold a 1.96% stake for $200m (£126m) to a Russian internet firm, a move that values the social networking website at $10bn

$10bn for what? Access to a massive list of customers that engage with each other, that love your platform…

Lots of spin-off businesses will come from the alliances that are being formed with Digital Sky Technology’s (DST) and Microsoft. A quite clever, ‘traditional’ approach to business in the modern world. Where will this go. My predications:

  • Facebook announce another 2 or 3 aliances in the next 12 months
  • Joint spin-off products come out within 12 months
  • IPO within 18 months

Money on the barrel-head – let’s go…

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Wolfram Alpha provides the answer to life, the universe and everything!

Picture 1

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Following the Pied Piper(s)

Here is a very comprehensive list of recording artists that use Twitter:

Thanks to:

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The top 100, the hot 140

Check out the top 100 mentioned brands on Twitter:

What I find interesting is that approximately half of these do not have Twitter accounts. In today’s day and age you need to participate in the conversation and that enables you to help temper sentiment and inject your honest opinion into the wider audience. It’s about public realtions and opening up your thoughts and feelings to a wider crowd.

I found this interesting presentation about Twitter and public relations (pretty girls hawking brand promises have transformed into 140 characters):

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Thank goodness that the device is 250% bigger

Our reliable tech friends at the BBC and Wired have just posted the launch of the Kindle DX.

“You never have to pan, you never have to zoom, you never have to scroll. You just read,” Amazon’s chief executive Jeff Bezos said at the New York launch.

Firstly, technology gets small so it is convenient. It seems like this is not. Newspapers can be folded into convenient sizes for consumption during transit. This cannot.

So if you want a newspaper reader that is close to the real-thing except that is not as flexible (bar storing millions of pages of information) then this is for you…then ask yourself, how often do I read newspapers from last week…

Read more here and here

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Apple to take over Electronic Arts?


…and very interesting… reports that Apple’s recent hiring of two key videogame executives as further evidence the company is preparing a bigger entry into handheld gaming following the successful launch and uptake of the iPhone device.The two hires are:

  • Richard Teversham joins the company from Microsoft, where he was senior director of insights and strategy for Xbox in Europe
  • Bob Drebin, creator of the Nintendo GameCube’s graphics processor at AMD

Hmmm, takeover of EA likely?

Well, Apple do not play in the console space and even gaming on Macs is limited vs. the PC. The iPhone is the obvious platform and taking that to the next level in gaming is likely rather than undertaking a game production and publishing business like EA. Apple do have the $$$ for this kind of acquisition and I am sure that EA would quite welcome the interest.

Having said that, where do Apple go next? They have the market for cool, web-enabled, app-driven phones + mp3/mp4 players so where will the growth come from…innovation. Typically it has been hardware innovation so if they acquire a large games producer/publisher then it is likely that this will be in conjunction with a hardware innovation or partnership – Nintendo? Microsoft?

Unlikely – maybe we will see Apple move towards the model of iPhone + browser-based cloud gaming like OnLive.

Now that makes sense…

See the original news article here:

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