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Facebook: Groups vs. Pages

I get asked often about whether to set up pages or groups for social media engagement.

Here are some online resources that really help:

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Complexity and social networks

I found this great site that really gets you thinking about complex systems and how social networks interact:

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The (Twitter) mood of the USA

This is a great view of how the mood (or sentiment) changes throughout the day on Twitter:

See the animation here:

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Creating viral content that spreads like wildfire

So, on the 10th of August a really interesting story about a disgruntled employee dramatically quitting her job popped up and spread virally (click image for the post):

It was witty, directed and scornful of her boss – it was brave and she was liekly never to get a job again for this action – overall it was inspirational.

But alas, it was none of the above. It was a lesson for us all on how to create viral content (click on the image for the follow-up post)

Brilliant nonetheless!

So, what was so great. They had the right ingredients:

  1. A story of the employee wronged – we could all relate in some way or our friends could
  2. They mentioned a hugely popular blog site –
  3. They mentioned a popular trading site –
  4. They mentioned a wildly successful Facebook game – Farmville (people love it or hate the updates they get about lonely lost black cows)
  5. They had a very attractive girl with costume changes and derogatory slang – HOPA
  6. It showed emotion and articulation
  7. The pictures bound the story and kep traffic on the site and drove repeat visits

Not possible with all situations where viral content needs to be created but it certainly gets the thinking going for sure.

CBS has a good story here

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Igniting YouTube – Think outside the box

Love Sly and really great ways to jazz up YouTube:

This all started when Nintendo rocked out with their game Wario Land Shake It for the Wii in 2008:

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