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Apple to take over Electronic Arts?


…and very interesting… reports that Apple’s recent hiring of two key videogame executives as further evidence the company is preparing a bigger entry into handheld gaming following the successful launch and uptake of the iPhone device.The two hires are:

  • Richard Teversham joins the company from Microsoft, where he was senior director of insights and strategy for Xbox in Europe
  • Bob Drebin, creator of the Nintendo GameCube’s graphics processor at AMD

Hmmm, takeover of EA likely?

Well, Apple do not play in the console space and even gaming on Macs is limited vs. the PC. The iPhone is the obvious platform and taking that to the next level in gaming is likely rather than undertaking a game production and publishing business like EA. Apple do have the $$$ for this kind of acquisition and I am sure that EA would quite welcome the interest.

Having said that, where do Apple go next? They have the market for cool, web-enabled, app-driven phones + mp3/mp4 players so where will the growth come from…innovation. Typically it has been hardware innovation so if they acquire a large games producer/publisher then it is likely that this will be in conjunction with a hardware innovation or partnership – Nintendo? Microsoft?

Unlikely – maybe we will see Apple move towards the model of iPhone + browser-based cloud gaming like OnLive.

Now that makes sense…

See the original news article here:

May 5, 2009 at 4:23 pm 1 comment

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