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Case study for #hashtag campaign analysis

Whilst going about my daily business I was posed a question on “How can we track a Twitter hashtag campaign”.

Obviously the answers lie out in the Internet:

The response has been beyond belief, far more effective than other marketing channels. We wanted to drive both brand awareness and direct response, but this has achieved both in a far more personal way.” – Wendy White, Founder of

Pretty cool + they use lots of great free online tools. See mt ‘Twitter Tools‘ page for these and so many more.

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Finally, Social Network Intelligence

UNBOUND Technologies offers marketers an unparalleled understanding of consumers and influencers inside the social networking ecosystem. UNBOUND enables users to fully grasp the size, depth and scope of the social media landscape, allowing marketers to discover and engage consumers where they learn, communicate and interact – online via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bebo and MySpace, among many, many others.

My opinion? Very cool…

Imagine segmenting the social media landscape and then targeting them for marketing. This is the missing link in intelligence, Social CRM and execution. Now onto the challenge of true social data integration

Check them out here:


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Video games industry interview – Part 1

Earlier this week I spoke with my friend Duane Brown who runs and spoke about the video game industry and the trends that are affecting it’s view on the digital space. He is going to turn the conversation into a 2 part interview.

Part 1: How has strategy changed in the video games industry and what would you change:

Part 2: The three tiers of media, what some of the major changes that are going to take place in the video games industry is due next week

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Top Seven Social Media, Online Marketing, and Internet Trends for 2009

This is really interesting and there is a great Morgan Stanley analysis of the market below this:

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voxdialog’s ‘Digital Drums’

voxdialog provides organizations with the framework, tools, content and digital channel capabilities to create unrivalled digital brand momentum, partner collaborations & consumer engagement. This blog gives you the insight and tools to be inspired and get going

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