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Does traffic finding the site = success?

The team over at eMarketer (great resource for stats and facts on the current onlint world) have highlighter the most effective online marketing tactis for generating conversations:

I find it fascinating that they have divorced the idea that there needs to be something compelling at the destination for consumer engagement to be truly a success (with the end results as a desired behavior, like conversion to sale, subscription, or simply passing the details onto one or more friends) .

Michael Fortin rounds the picture out for us here

“So regardless of the marketing tactic, a successful marketing portfolio consists of numerous strategies focused on three core elements, and on developing them equally:

  1. Building Traffic
  2. Building Trust
  3. Building Sales”

Sales can mean a number of things (as I discussed above) but ultimately cash on the barrelhead.

Companies must look for good site content and reasons to return…

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Content, content, content

Often the internet spawns amazingly engaging experiences that draw you in with beautiful design. These sites, whilst nice, do not float my digital boat the most…

Ssites that really engage me provide content – lots of it – fresh, compelling, thought-provoking content that enriches my day:

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voxdialog’s ‘Digital Drums’

voxdialog provides organizations with the framework, tools, content and digital channel capabilities to create unrivalled digital brand momentum, partner collaborations & consumer engagement. This blog gives you the insight and tools to be inspired and get going

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