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Bioshock 2: Big Sister! It’s coming…

Oh yeah! This game rules and the prequel/sequel looks so awesome…

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E3 2009 – Microsoft smack down!

So E3 started with a bang!

Microsoft has unveiled its new control system for the Xbox 360 console, at E3 in Los Angeles. Project Natal is a fully hands-free control system that will use face recognition and motion sensors to allow users to play games.

Ok, so it is in prototype stage however Nintendo need to up_their_game (no pun intended) to really come back with something today.

Gizmodo had fantastic coverage yesterday here.

Here is the demo from yesterday:

…and the fairly anticeptic ‘vision video’:

Back to ol’ Blighty and the good old Aunty Beeb for the interview with Steven Spielberg (apologies for the ads here on the video – I have no control. I’d just like to say that I have no idea what meerkats have to do with cell phones *end_of_rant*):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Apple to take over gaming?

In my post from 5th May, ‘Apple to take over Electronic Arts’, I highlighted the hiring of key gaming industry folks by Apple and postulated that ‘..maybe we will see Apple move towards the model of iPhone + browser-based cloud gaming like OnLive.’

Well, it looks like Yves Guillemot, CEO and President of Ubisoft, is also talking about this in an article on Kotaku:

There’s also a new entrant in the business,” he said, after riffing off the looming gaming potential of set-top boxes. “[That entrant is] Apple, with the iPhone. And we don’t think they will stop there.”

Read more here:

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Hold ’em or fold ’em?

Inside Social Games gives us a look at the top 25 Facebook games at the moment:

Texas Holdem Poker has a choke-hold on the top spot. So popularity is fed by basic human elements of needing to feel exhillerated by the win or the chase to fame, fortune and recognition. Let’s also look at the design of the app:

Profile pictures + simulated dealer chat (just as much personality as Vegas dealers if you ask me – lol) + real-time chat + competition + real-to-life game play seems to really work.

The onboarding process keeps this compelling through showing how many of the people in your network are already playing and offering advice and/or a shotcut straight through to the experience:


So what does this tell us about designing Facebook apps:

  • Real-world simulation can work if you keep it authentic
  • The social elements must be there – from chat to visual to audio stimulus
  • You are on a winner if you play to human psychological needs such as self-actualization
  • Building initial demand and then letting it go viral is important

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Chinese whispers in a digital post-it style

So much fun and very, very funny:

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Life is a game and so is the Internet

The Nethernet (previously known as PMOG, the Passively Multiplayer Online Game) is an online game which players “passively” participate in while browsing web pages. Players earn data points by visiting unique domains, which they can spend on various game items that can be attached to web pages to trigger events when another player next visits that page

It really is fun, fun, fun…as you go about your daily business on the Internet you stumble across missions, traps and new connections. You learn more from connection and plant traps to catch out the community. This is where game play has been turned on its head as you are immersed purely by being logged in and you can take or leave the missions and challenges set out before you, dependent on whether you have time or not.

Add it to your Firefox here:  

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Symettry Lab

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The future of the video games industry – Parts 1 & 2!

Last week I spoke with my friend Duane Brown, who runs, about the video game industry and the trends that are affecting it’s view and impact in the digital space. He has provided this as 2 part interview online…

Part 1: How has strategy changed in the video games industry and what would you change:

Part 2: The three tiers of media, what some of the major changes that are going to take place in the video games industry:

Check it out!

March 31, 2009 at 7:00 pm 1 comment

Cloud gaming – the battle begins here!

Back on the 25th March I detailed the launch of OnLive in the article ‘What no console?‘.

Well, it seems that they are not alone. Sony have filed a patent for ‘PS Cloud’. The filing unveils early plans to make the service available to handheld game devices as well as consoles and details PS Cloud as providing “entertainment services, namely, providing an online videogame that users may access through the internet”.


I am watching this space even more carefully now…

March 31, 2009 at 10:25 am 3 comments

Game classic, design legend

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