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Cool social media – Ford Fiesta Movement

I truly believe that social media does not just exist on the web. It takes virtual interaction + real interaction + real-world events/actions.

A great example of a company using this is Ford.

Picture 9

An isiders view is presented here:

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Life is a game and so is the Internet

The Nethernet (previously known as PMOG, the Passively Multiplayer Online Game) is an online game which players “passively” participate in while browsing web pages. Players earn data points by visiting unique domains, which they can spend on various game items that can be attached to web pages to trigger events when another player next visits that page

It really is fun, fun, fun…as you go about your daily business on the Internet you stumble across missions, traps and new connections. You learn more from connection and plant traps to catch out the community. This is where game play has been turned on its head as you are immersed purely by being logged in and you can take or leave the missions and challenges set out before you, dependent on whether you have time or not.

Add it to your Firefox here:  

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Symettry Lab

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RIP Shane McConkey

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Facebook food for thought – No. 1

What if Facebook was real-life? A lot of people would be arrested!

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Digital coffee and good causes

I am proud that we (our team at Blast Radius) can work with cool companies and make a difference:

Starbucks (red)

Some related posts:

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Content, content, content

Often the internet spawns amazingly engaging experiences that draw you in with beautiful design. These sites, whilst nice, do not float my digital boat the most…

Ssites that really engage me provide content – lots of it – fresh, compelling, thought-provoking content that enriches my day:

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voxdialog’s ‘Digital Drums’

voxdialog provides organizations with the framework, tools, content and digital channel capabilities to create unrivalled digital brand momentum, partner collaborations & consumer engagement. This blog gives you the insight and tools to be inspired and get going

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