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Thank goodness that the device is 250% bigger

Our reliable tech friends at the BBC and Wired have just posted the launch of the Kindle DX.

“You never have to pan, you never have to zoom, you never have to scroll. You just read,” Amazon’s chief executive Jeff Bezos said at the New York launch.

Firstly, technology gets small so it is convenient. It seems like this is not. Newspapers can be folded into convenient sizes for consumption during transit. This cannot.

So if you want a newspaper reader that is close to the real-thing except that is not as flexible (bar storing millions of pages of information) then this is for you…then ask yourself, how often do I read newspapers from last week…

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Content, content, content

Often the internet spawns amazingly engaging experiences that draw you in with beautiful design. These sites, whilst nice, do not float my digital boat the most…

Ssites that really engage me provide content – lots of it – fresh, compelling, thought-provoking content that enriches my day:

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voxdialog’s ‘Digital Drums’

voxdialog provides organizations with the framework, tools, content and digital channel capabilities to create unrivalled digital brand momentum, partner collaborations & consumer engagement. This blog gives you the insight and tools to be inspired and get going

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