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Making Web Data Personal

So it has taken the traditional campaign management vendors a fair amount of time to really work out linking offline insight into online recommendations. It is not to say that they haven’t been shoe-horning their solution into online ecommerce and CMS platforms but now they are waking up to this as a serious opportunity. I partnered with Unica for a long time, prior to ficusing on digital, and they have probably the best campaign management solution out there. They have published this whitepaper that does act as a good general basis for looking at online engagement and campaign management using data-driven techniques. Down load by clicking the image below:

Making Web Data Personal

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Does traffic finding the site = success?

The team over at eMarketer (great resource for stats and facts on the current onlint world) have highlighter the most effective online marketing tactis for generating conversations:

I find it fascinating that they have divorced the idea that there needs to be something compelling at the destination for consumer engagement to be truly a success (with the end results as a desired behavior, like conversion to sale, subscription, or simply passing the details onto one or more friends) .

Michael Fortin rounds the picture out for us here

“So regardless of the marketing tactic, a successful marketing portfolio consists of numerous strategies focused on three core elements, and on developing them equally:

  1. Building Traffic
  2. Building Trust
  3. Building Sales”

Sales can mean a number of things (as I discussed above) but ultimately cash on the barrelhead.

Companies must look for good site content and reasons to return…

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The future of the video games industry – Parts 1 & 2!

Last week I spoke with my friend Duane Brown, who runs, about the video game industry and the trends that are affecting it’s view and impact in the digital space. He has provided this as 2 part interview online…

Part 1: How has strategy changed in the video games industry and what would you change:

Part 2: The three tiers of media, what some of the major changes that are going to take place in the video games industry:

Check it out!

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Cloud gaming – the battle begins here!

Back on the 25th March I detailed the launch of OnLive in the article ‘What no console?‘.

Well, it seems that they are not alone. Sony have filed a patent for ‘PS Cloud’. The filing unveils early plans to make the service available to handheld game devices as well as consoles and details PS Cloud as providing “entertainment services, namely, providing an online videogame that users may access through the internet”.


I am watching this space even more carefully now…

March 31, 2009 at 10:25 am 3 comments

Personalization needs to happen so toughen up!

per⋅son⋅al⋅ize [pur-suh-nl-ahyz] –verb (used with object), -ized, -iz⋅ing.

1. to have marked with one’s initials, name, or monogram: to personalize stationery.
2. to make personal, as by applying a general statement to oneself.
3. to ascribe personal qualities to; personify.

This definition kind of falls a little short when looking at the online experience (I have lumped both email and web together for the purposes of this discussion). Whilst it is great to login and have your name on the site and in an email, maybe an avatar, some pictures of your family and highlight your favorite product – is it enough to immerse you in the experience. Is it enough to make you go back time and time again and consume more content and/or buy additional product or services?

eMarketer shows that a lot of retailers are still falling short:

Offering one or many products and services without context of who is viewing will not result in a large amount of incremental sales.

MyBuys performed a study last year and found that consumers both want and expect online merchants to provide personalized experiences and product recommendations based on shopping behavior, according to a MyBuys/e-tailing group survey of 1,345 online consumers:

  • Three out of four consumers are willing to provide some meaningful amount of personal information in exchange for a more personalized, relevant shopping experience.
  • 77% say they have made additional purchases when they have encountered personalized product recommendations online – more than half say they usually peruse those recommendations when offered:

Powerful stuff.

Trends do show that retailers are finally recognizing that they need to implement personalized product recommendations:

Personalization is not easy. It takes the orchestration of people, process, technology, information, product and offers to make it work. Throwing in persoanlized recommedations with the same old offers will not really change the experience just add some semblance of intelligence. True personalization is hard and the base challenge can lie with the systems that are currently in place, the lack of customer data and insight and finding the money to invest in an initiative like this:

Implementation of personalization can be achieved with carefully planned offers linked to incremental technical capabilities being introduced. Do not try and boil the ocean in one BIG project. Get experts in that understand customer insight, marketing offer planning (and strategy) and can transform your sales/marketing culture as well as the processes that you currently use. If you are planning on changing your online technology the bake personalization into it NOW.

Feel free to comment on this…

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Falling sand

A cool little game – have a great weekend!

Falling Sand

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Facebook food for thought – No. 1

What if Facebook was real-life? A lot of people would be arrested!

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What no console?

OnLive, which launched at the Game Developer Conference, promises to deliver on demand video games via the cloud to the PC, Mac or TV. What does OnLive offer?

  • High quality gaming on low end machines (sounds like the Wii – ha ha)
  • On demand video games via the cloud to the PC, Mac or TV (TV needs a ‘micro-console’)
  • Community tools like leaderboards and avatars along with the ability to share ‘brag clips’ which are short videos of your game highlights, are also part of the service (ooooh – groundbreaking)
  • Users can also have multiplayer matches and watch other gamers play
  • Users will need a high-speed broadband connection of at least 1.5 megabits per second for standard definition results or 5 megabits per second for high definition
  • Games producers: EA, Ubisoft, Take Two, Codemasters, Atari, Eidos, Epic, THQ, Warner Bros.

See the launch (just under 1 hour in length – so get yourself a soda and some popcorn:

2 part interview at GD:

More news:

The verdict? – Hmmm, difficult to tell right now until I play it and the community really take it to task. There is a BIG level of scepticism around this however I think the momentum will really get going when service providers bundle this into cable/internet/phone packages.

I’ll be watching this very closely especially as this links nicely to the future of video games where there will be a subscription-based, ARPU model for revenues for the major games publishers…

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Personalized chocolate

M&Ms = a chocolate and marketing classic

Personalizing them and making them your own with text and pictures = engaging imagination, taste and fun with friends and family

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In-game banking…

Online game Entropia Universe has been granted a licence to be a bank. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority had granted MindArk’s subsidiary Mind Bank AB a license to conduct legal banking activities. This allows MindArk to operate Mind Bank AB as a fully functioning bank within the Entropia Universe, providing real world banking functions to all virtual worlds running on the Entropia Universe platform. Mind Bank AB will be the first bank that fully incorporates real money transactions with activities within a virtual world.

Mindark claims that more than 800,000 people have registered to play the game and 80-100,000 are regular players. About $420m of player-to-player transactions were carried out during 2008, according to Mindark figures.

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