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Personalization needs to happen so toughen up!

per⋅son⋅al⋅ize [pur-suh-nl-ahyz] –verb (used with object), -ized, -iz⋅ing.

1. to have marked with one’s initials, name, or monogram: to personalize stationery.
2. to make personal, as by applying a general statement to oneself.
3. to ascribe personal qualities to; personify.

This definition kind of falls a little short when looking at the online experience (I have lumped both email and web together for the purposes of this discussion). Whilst it is great to login and have your name on the site and in an email, maybe an avatar, some pictures of your family and highlight your favorite product – is it enough to immerse you in the experience. Is it enough to make you go back time and time again and consume more content and/or buy additional product or services?

eMarketer shows that a lot of retailers are still falling short:

Offering one or many products and services without context of who is viewing will not result in a large amount of incremental sales.

MyBuys performed a study last year and found that consumers both want and expect online merchants to provide personalized experiences and product recommendations based on shopping behavior, according to a MyBuys/e-tailing group survey of 1,345 online consumers:

  • Three out of four consumers are willing to provide some meaningful amount of personal information in exchange for a more personalized, relevant shopping experience.
  • 77% say they have made additional purchases when they have encountered personalized product recommendations online – more than half say they usually peruse those recommendations when offered:

Powerful stuff.

Trends do show that retailers are finally recognizing that they need to implement personalized product recommendations:

Personalization is not easy. It takes the orchestration of people, process, technology, information, product and offers to make it work. Throwing in persoanlized recommedations with the same old offers will not really change the experience just add some semblance of intelligence. True personalization is hard and the base challenge can lie with the systems that are currently in place, the lack of customer data and insight and finding the money to invest in an initiative like this:

Implementation of personalization can be achieved with carefully planned offers linked to incremental technical capabilities being introduced. Do not try and boil the ocean in one BIG project. Get experts in that understand customer insight, marketing offer planning (and strategy) and can transform your sales/marketing culture as well as the processes that you currently use. If you are planning on changing your online technology the bake personalization into it NOW.

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Personalized chocolate

M&Ms = a chocolate and marketing classic

Personalizing them and making them your own with text and pictures = engaging imagination, taste and fun with friends and family

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