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Social media case study: Levi’s

Satoshi Sato Ablout‘s video only goes to show how we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to integrating social media into current marketing practices, generating unprecedented brand awareness that will remain in peoples hearts and minds forever.

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Social media ecosystems: Explore the Twitterverse

Brian Solis has revisited the landscape of useful Twitter apps designed for marketing, business, and service professionals.

Great infographic:

Link –

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The history of social media (via Online Schools)

This infographic from Online Schools gives an insightful look into how we got to the current state of social networks in the world today:

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Obsessed with Facebook (via Mashable)

Great infographic from Mashable


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Social media is not…

So what is this we have here?


This is ‘The Conversation Prism’ – created by media guru Brian Solis and the agency JESS3 (you can find it at What we have here is a great visual representation of the many tools available across 28 different ‘flavours’ of conversation. This is a guide to help people find tools for helping listen, interact and engage people online.

The BRAND is central but most often the ‘me too’ marketers within organizations – both large and small – start with a chosen social media channel as the basis for a strategy that attempts to sell a product, incentivize a group of people to undertake an action or just getting a conversation going about their brand.

…but looking at a social media is not the right place to start thinking about engagement for a campaign or movement.

The channels and online applications in the ‘Conversation Prism’ achieve nothing without the creation of a strategy to use them and no strategy should be formulated with an execution channel in mind. That kind of strategy would lack integrity and not create what we at voxdialog call MOMENTUM and IMPACT.

What is MOMENTUM? defines this as ‘Force or speed of movement; impetus; or course of events’.  More simply put, it is the amount of activity by a group of people towards a common goal.

We actually see MOMENTUM coming from the creation of a movement.  Think of Obama’s campaign, the end of Apartheid, Movember, and also – closer to home – The Zombie Walk and Critical Mass here in Vancouver, BC.

We think that to create a movement is to create momentum by engaging people in a 4-step process:

  1. Create a ‘reason to believe’
  2. Identify a target or objective to focus messaging and actions
  3. Introduce and foster a shared belief system and strategy to engage
  4. …then continuously rally the movement of people to reach the target

Integral to this as well is that you need to listen to what people have to say, create a peer-to-peer conversation and fuel the movement with content, events and online and offline media.

What is IMPACT?

It’s an effect or the undertaking of an action that changes the current situation. This could be a vote, a download, sharing link to content on a brand site or even a purchase. Overall we believe that IMPACT only comes from creating MOMENTUM.

Once, we have defined how we will create MOMENTUM and what IMPACT we want then we can start to tap the hyper-connected community both online and offline. The potential is huge:

  • Over 36 billion web pages with over 2 billion internet users
  • 500m+ people on Facebook, with average of 133 friends each (and we know that figure is low on average – just look at your friends)
  • 190m+ people on twitter posting 65 million tweets a day
  • 5 billion people will use cell phones in 2010

Great successes in MOMENTUM and IMPACT come from creating an execution across multiple media and channels. Social media can be part of that but should never provide the entire platform. Following is a great example…


This was a campaign created for launch in Christmas 2008. STARBUCKS partnering with (RED) to come up with STARBUCKS(RED) Campaign, which collaborates with global brands to produce Red-branded products and donates a percentage of sales on each product to Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. During this holiday promotion, Starbucks will contribute 5c to the Global Fund for every payment made with the special Red loyalty card.

How did they create MOMENTUM?

The ‘reason to believe’

  • Every coffee purchase during the period of the campaign resulted in a certain amount of antiretroviral drugs being purchased

The target

  • People that believe in change and like to drink coffee in Starbucks (that is a lot of people)
  • About 161m people drink coffee in the US with 108m people consuming it daily – Starbucks has a 10% market share

The shared belief system and strategy to engage

  • Do something good today!
  • Buy a coffee make a difference – 5c on every coffee is donated
  • Interact online and make even more of a difference
  • Tell your friends and get them to make a difference as well

…then continuously rally the movement of people to reach the target


  • It became the most successful Facebook campaign ever
  • It took the Starbucks fan page from 500K fans to over 3m during the course of this campaign – and now it is over 16m fans from running subsequent campaigns! Take a look here –
  • Millions of syndicated news feeds across multiple digital channels and devices
  • A significant amount of $$$s raised (actual numbers not shared)
  • Starbucks is now the most recognized and strongest brands online –
  • It can create IMPACT through this connected group for reduced cost i.e. promoting new product to good causes

A great analysis is here –

It was a strategy based not on what channels to execute on but rather a great idea…Social media was not the basis to the campaign but part of the overall media mix and enabled the amplification of the message.

(Did you know that the great local digital agency Blast Radius built the online engagement parts of this campaign?)

So remember…

  1. Start with a great idea not that you want to do something in social media
  2. Plan with MOMENTUM and IMPACT in mind without thinking of channels for execution. If the fundamental idea of the message sticks with people (and you need to do research to qualify this) and there is potential for action then you are onto a winner
  3. Then think about execution:
  • Who or what is your TARGET?
  • What CONTENT are you going to share and through what channel?
  • What is your plan for LEARNING AND ADJUSTMENT

…and then work out whether social media, and maybe some of the tools in ‘The Conversation Prism’ can be used to help create MOMENTUM and drive IMPACT.

About the author

Nikolas Badminton is the Founder and Lead Strategist with voxdialog, a digital services company that provides organizations with the framework, tools, content and digital channel capabilities to create unrivalled digital brand momentum, partner collaborations & consumer engagement. Please feel free to contact him at

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Facebook: Groups vs. Pages

I get asked often about whether to set up pages or groups for social media engagement.

Here are some online resources that really help:

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Creating viral content that spreads like wildfire

So, on the 10th of August a really interesting story about a disgruntled employee dramatically quitting her job popped up and spread virally (click image for the post):

It was witty, directed and scornful of her boss – it was brave and she was liekly never to get a job again for this action – overall it was inspirational.

But alas, it was none of the above. It was a lesson for us all on how to create viral content (click on the image for the follow-up post)

Brilliant nonetheless!

So, what was so great. They had the right ingredients:

  1. A story of the employee wronged – we could all relate in some way or our friends could
  2. They mentioned a hugely popular blog site –
  3. They mentioned a popular trading site –
  4. They mentioned a wildly successful Facebook game – Farmville (people love it or hate the updates they get about lonely lost black cows)
  5. They had a very attractive girl with costume changes and derogatory slang – HOPA
  6. It showed emotion and articulation
  7. The pictures bound the story and kep traffic on the site and drove repeat visits

Not possible with all situations where viral content needs to be created but it certainly gets the thinking going for sure.

CBS has a good story here

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Igniting YouTube – Think outside the box

Love Sly and really great ways to jazz up YouTube:

This all started when Nintendo rocked out with their game Wario Land Shake It for the Wii in 2008:

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How Are Companies Leveraging Social Media?

A nifty illustration (courtesy of FlowTown) and great fodder for those exec presentations where people still ‘don’t get it’ – How Are Companies Leveraging Social Media?

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Social Media ROI

This is a funky little video from Socialnomics explaining the ROI of social media:

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