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Dell attributes $3m in sales to it’s Twitter account

I found this interesting article at Information Week.

Dell sells refurbished computer systems through Twitter at @DellOutlet, which the computer maker says has more than 600,000 followers.

Picture 2

Since launching @DellOutlet in 2007, the company has taken in more than $2 million in sales directly attributed to Twitter and another $1 million from people who start at Twitter and then move on to buy a new computer somewhere else on the Dell Web site, Stefanie Nelson, who manages the Twitter account, said in the corporate blog late Thursday night.

It is a masterclass on getting Twitter right…

Authentic, attentive, real human interactions with advice on directing people to what they want to find. So many other businesses can learn from this.

I worked with Dell people for about 18 months in Europe and, I have to say, they are a insight-driven, dedicated company that pushes it’s people to deliver excellence to their customers. Hats off to you!

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Video games industry interview – Part 1

Earlier this week I spoke with my friend Duane Brown who runs and spoke about the video game industry and the trends that are affecting it’s view on the digital space. He is going to turn the conversation into a 2 part interview.

Part 1: How has strategy changed in the video games industry and what would you change:

Part 2: The three tiers of media, what some of the major changes that are going to take place in the video games industry is due next week

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Digital coffee and good causes

I am proud that we (our team at Blast Radius) can work with cool companies and make a difference:

Starbucks (red)

Some related posts:

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The militization of digital strategy

There are a number of parallels between military strategy developed over thousands of years and how we can market to consumers through digital channels…alignment, strategy, phases of engagement, knowing the ladscape, team motivation and navigation of complex environments are all relavant…

More recommended reading can be found here:

Sun Tzu – the Art of War

Download a translation here

Miyamoto Musashi – Book of 5 Rings



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voxdialog’s ‘Digital Drums’

voxdialog provides organizations with the framework, tools, content and digital channel capabilities to create unrivalled digital brand momentum, partner collaborations & consumer engagement. This blog gives you the insight and tools to be inspired and get going

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