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Facebook vs. Twitter 2010 statistics

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Social media case study: Levi’s

Satoshi Sato Ablout‘s video only goes to show how we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to integrating social media into current marketing practices, generating unprecedented brand awareness that will remain in peoples hearts and minds forever.

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Social media ecosystems: Explore the Twitterverse

Brian Solis has revisited the landscape of useful Twitter apps designed for marketing, business, and service professionals.

Great infographic:

Link –

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The (Twitter) mood of the USA

This is a great view of how the mood (or sentiment) changes throughout the day on Twitter:

See the animation here:

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For Tw***ers sake…

Curse Bird

September 3, 2009 at 10:39 pm 1 comment

Twitter Postings: Iterative Design (by Jakob Nielsen)

Jakob Nielsen posted a great article about Twitter posting design. Rather than just posting a link to the article, I thought I’d replicate. Remember to visit his site (it has lots of good advice on there)…


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Top 5 Enterprise Architecture Tweeters

Architecture & Governance magazine has featured 5 must-follow Enterprise Architects that you should follow. See the list below and don’t forget to go and see the full article:

Dion Hinchcliffe

Dion helps lead the industry by evolving the thinking for next-generation businesses in various social media including ZDNet’s influential Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog and the Web 2.0 Blog. He is extensively published in leading industry periodicals and journals including the Microsoft Architecture Journal, AjaxWorld Magazine, SOA/Web Services Journal, and is currently Editor-in-Chief of Social Computing Journal. His thought leading work has been covered in BusinessWeek, CNET News, Wired Magazine, CIO Magazine, and many other well-known periodicals.

Gene Leganza

Gene is an analyst at Forrester Research. Gene provides research and advisory services that address the needs of Enterprise Architecture professionals. Gene has been researching best practices in making enterprise architecture programs effective since 1999 and focuses on helping clients implement a pragmatic approach to EA that has clear value to business and IT leaders.

James Governor

James is Principal Analyst and founder of RedMonk. He leads coverage in the enterprise applications space, assisting clients with application development, integration middleware and systems management issues, as they relate to operational and business process optimization.

Hugh Evans:

Hugh is the founder and CEO of Enterprise Architects – a strategic EA consulting firm in Australia.  He leads the Enterprise Architects executive team driving the business strategy execution and developing customer & partner relationships. Hugh holds directorships with several successful technology companies, with a particular interest in Web 2.0 and social media.

Andy Blumenthal:

Andy Blumenthal is the Chief Technology Officer at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Previously, Blumenthal served as the Chief, Office of Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance at the U.S. Coast Guard and as Chief Enterprise Architect at the U.S. Secret Service. Blumenthal is a visionary IT and business thought leader. For over 20 years, Blumenthal has developed leading-edge technology solutions for premier organizations in both the private and public sectors, including the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Treasury, the Dreyfus Corporation, and IBM.

Surprisingly not found in the twittersphere are EA analysts from Gartner.  Of all of the analysts covering EA from Gartner (listed here:, according to Gartner’s own list of analysts on Twitter, only Nick Gall ( is active. Now that is funny!

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Twitter from space!!!!

Mark L. Polansky, NASA Astronaut = totally cool!

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Twitter for food porn!

Ha ha…made you look!

Actually this is serious comment on the mighty Vancouver-based food vendor Japadog, as mentioned in Mashable’s article – ‘Tweetable Eats: What Street Vendors Can Teach Businesses About Twitter’


Communicate the breadth and depth of your products or services on Twitter in a fresh, compelling way, and in a manner that speaks directly to your customers’ needs.

Let’s look:


Sincerity, communicative, informative and they make recommendations to draw people it. It tastes pretty damn good too!

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Dell attributes $3m in sales to it’s Twitter account

I found this interesting article at Information Week.

Dell sells refurbished computer systems through Twitter at @DellOutlet, which the computer maker says has more than 600,000 followers.

Picture 2

Since launching @DellOutlet in 2007, the company has taken in more than $2 million in sales directly attributed to Twitter and another $1 million from people who start at Twitter and then move on to buy a new computer somewhere else on the Dell Web site, Stefanie Nelson, who manages the Twitter account, said in the corporate blog late Thursday night.

It is a masterclass on getting Twitter right…

Authentic, attentive, real human interactions with advice on directing people to what they want to find. So many other businesses can learn from this.

I worked with Dell people for about 18 months in Europe and, I have to say, they are a insight-driven, dedicated company that pushes it’s people to deliver excellence to their customers. Hats off to you!

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